Angelina :: Seattle Food Photographer in Paris

If you have been to Paris, it is likely you visited/experienced, Angelina. If you didn't, well, then you must book a flight back immediately.

Famous for their "De L'Afrique" Chocolat Chaud, they've been perfecting this wonderful cup of hot chocolate since 1903 - and boy, do they have it right!


And I mean, BEST.

...Hot Chocolate you will ever taste. (period)

This is both a blessing to find, and a curse...because now every other hot chocolate I try, tastes like sugar-water.

Another wonderful thing about Angelina - their pastries.

One in particular, that I was required to try: the Mont Blanc.

A meringue base, filled with whipped cream, and covered with chestnut paste.  Very unique, and not as sweet as you might think.

I wouldn't say it was the 'perfect' paring with my chocolat chaud, but it was certainly a treat!

I came home with the worst sugar headache EVER after all of that.

But I went back for more a week later.