St. Louis in May.

Last weekend the BF and I played 'tourists' with his parents in St. Louis.  We went to the sculpture park, visited the animals at the impressive free zoo, cheered on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium, and ate lots of ice cream/frozen that the thing to do in St Louis? eat frozen custard?...still not sure about that one. Highlights of the trip?!  A huge eye ball, the penguin habitat (smells like home!), meeting and sitting next to the only other Mariner - ball cap wearing - fan at the Busch Stadium (safety in numbers?), and yes, the ice cream/custard.


me-with-eyeIt's Me!  photo by BF



Is it bad that my favorite shots taken at the sculpture park are of the park's seating area?...


_MG_0178Although these pretzels were NOT the highlight of my trip...given that they were stale and $'s still food...I had to document it.

_MG_0157Frozen Custard - tasted like soft serve ice cream - nothing wrong with that!

_MG_0198And this is what The Crown Candy Kitchen calls a "Fruit Salad Sundae" (I requested the addition of chocolate sauce) ...I have to admit, I was expecting blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries...basically my normal Cold Stone creation.  But, this was fine too, just a little more candied than I am used to.

Good times.